About Why I’m Doing This

This blog started because I began writing Morning Pages as a way to overcome a terminal case of writer’s block. (If you don’t yet know about Morning Pages, read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.) What started flowing out was gratitude that I was in the happy situation of living alone. I then realized an odd thing: when the subject of my living alone comes up and people ask me, “But don’t you get lonely?”, they seemed not to understand when I answer, “So rarely I can’t remember the last time.”

I thought initially this blog might be a place we who love living alone could gather to share our happiness and our living-alone stories, triumphs and tragedies. I even hoped it might also become a place where our experience could help those who are not yet happy living alone.

When I checked with a blogger with more experience than me, she warned me that when you start blogging you don’t know what your blog will end up being about. I welcome this: come with me on this journey. Since I have writer’s block, I hope there will be enough questions, new information and even disputes to trigger my writing far into the future. Let’s see where this leads us.


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